A Case of Stairs

Playground festival, M Leuven (BE) 2023

A work composed in three parts: an audio installation in the museum’s entrance staircase; a publication titled ‘a Score for’; and the displacement of the work ‘Guy trap op trap af’ by Guy Mees.

I have cut out the voices in the soundtrack of the film ‘The Spiral Staircase’ except for the final words of the main character, who suffers from mutism. What is left, is the performance of the film through the visceral sounds of the actors: sighs; shuffling shoes; laughter; cries;...

 Entrance staircase (audio installation)

Installation inside with ‘Guy trap op trap af’ by Guy Mees and the publications ‘a Score for’.

a Score for
11 x 19,5 cm
54 pages
edition of 500

The publication is based on the transcription of the audio piece in the museum’s entrance staircase. This audio is an edit of the soundtrack of the film ‘The Spiral Staircase’, where only the visceral sounds performed by the actors are left over. The design and spacing of the text is based on the floorplan of the entrance staircase.