Odela de lO
with The Letter Space Department, Projectvierennegentig, Ostend (BE), 2024

The Letter Space Department stranded in Ostend, 71 years after the black water blanked the streets of the city center (31.01.1953). This historical marker reminded us of the act of writing in terms of waving; or how blacks and blanks enter in a binary logic of surface relations (on/under). When the sun set projections went on.

on/off, opening/shutting. After 18:00 language and architecture reveal themselves in a mutual relationship: speaking becomes building in the signs of light. It was Not I, but Beckett who wrote “... no part of her moving... that she could feel... just the eyelids... presumably... on and off... shut out the light... reflex they call it... no feeling of any kind... but the lids... even best of times... who feels them?... opening... shutting... all that moisture...”. It is not the mouth that you’re seeing, the words that you’re hearing, but the building.

speaking as building (S. Beckett, Not I)
Light projection (morse code) 

abc école d’Ostende
Animation video, font, 2 framed drawings, 2 overhead projectors, desk, lamp, folder (archive material)
The font is an assembly of letters found in the streets of Ostend.
click here to download the font

4 études, from the sight of seeing to the sound of seaing to bouche à l’oreille ft. Hanne Darboven)
wood scraps (Mark), overhead projection, prints on mica, metal cup holders (André), directional spotlight

l’heure des fleurs
16 postcards (framed), overhead projection, drawing on mica